2000 RTP Index

"Racers Theoretical Performance"
This Index was developed by Rick Ruth and reflects results from over 30 large events including, the Tire Rack® National's, National Tour, BFG CenDiv, Chicago Region SCCA, South Bend Region SCCA, Tri-State Sports Car Council and Wisconsin Autocrossers Inc events.
SS0.829 ASP0.844 AP0.872 AM1.000
AS0.814 BSP0.837 BP0.865 BM0.953
BS0.810 CSP0.840 CP0.852 CM0.919
CS0.800 DSP0.822 DP0.851 DM0.895
DS0.798 ESP0.825 EP0.867 EM0.905
ES0.784 FSP0.820 FP0.868 FM0.897
FS0.809 STS0.776    F1250.943
GS0.794 STR0.816    FJr0.836
HS0.779 SM0.842      

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Last update January 9, 2000
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